Reproduce Video

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Here's another video from the Innocent Sin album, "Reproduce".
It's a play on a classic Journey video, with a few twists.

The cast is Susan Kopp, Amy Jordan, Kate Lovelady, and Billy D.
The musicians are Billy D, Dan Ingenthron, Ken Moore, plus singers Kate Lovelady, Susan Kopp, David Taylor, and Joe Koepke.
Available at CD Baby, iTunes, and other outlets.


Innocent Sin Video

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And so it came to pass, the "Innocent Sin" video was thus revealed to the world.

Video stars are Billy D, Kate Noshame, Susan Elaine Kopp, Seth Weissman, Rose Taschner, Stephanie Recht, with help from Rick Nelson.
Musicians are Billy D, Ken Moore, Dan Ingenthron, Mark Youngbauer.

Of course, you can get the album at CD Baby.


Digital Downloads available!

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So the new album is now offically out via digital download on CD Baby. The CDs are yet to ship, so hold your horses. Kickstarter contributors, naturally, have their free CDs coming to them in the next few weeks.

The rest of you and your firends should buy it immediately!

Also, the album should slowly proliferate through all the major download and streaming companies (except Spotify) in the next few weeks. So keep those iTunes searches happening!

We also shot a silly, psuedo-'70s video for the title track this weekend. So look for that when it's ready. (I could easily hold another Kickstarter campaign just to get a Mac that can handle editing those enormous HD video files...)

Happy Spring!
Billy D

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White Albums

This week is the 40th anniversary of the release of Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti. We cranked the brand new remaster up last night, and it was awesome. I consider it to be one of the great White Albums.

What is a White Album? The original is, of course The Beatles, from 1968. We can define it, or them, as a sprawling/over-sized double or triple LP that is experimental and weird. It may come after a more commercial AND artistic success (Sgt. Pepper), where the band has earned great freedom in the studio. So much freedom that they end up making something self-indulgent. This weird album may not sell as well in the short term, but in the long run is considered an artistic goldmine. May contain raw rock interspersed with acoustic gems.

Another possible factor is inner strife within the band. But that is so common within bands that you may not be able to isolate it to one album.

There are more Peppers out there than White Albums. For example, Queen's Pepper is arguably A Night at the Opera, but they never released any double albums, let alone indulgent experimental freak outs. Likewise, merely being any double/triple album doesn't count.  So no to All Things Must Pass, or Welcome to the Pleasuredome.

Here are some of my favorite white albums:

  1. The Beatles (aka The White Album) - The Beatles (Follows Sgt. Pepper.)

  2. Physical Graffiti - Led Zeppelin (Follows Zoso and/or Houses of the Holy.)

  3. Tusk - Fleetwood Mac (Follows Rumours.)

  4. Exile on Main Street - Rolling Stones (Sprawling genius, but not after any particular Pepper-esque album.)

  5. Sandinista - The Clash (Sprawling and experimental for sure, but again not following up a masterpiece.)

What am I forgetting? Do these count?

  • The Basement Tapes - Bob Dylan and The Band (Sprawling and experimental yes, but not built on the shoulders of success. More of an archive collection of home recordings from before they were big. A true white album's excesses are born of commercial success. Greatest hits or other compilations don't count either.)

  • Blonde on Blonde - Bob Dylan (Probably.)

  • Electric Ladyland - Jimi Hendrix (I'm on the fence with this one. Definitely freaky and sprawling, but all of Jimi's stuff was out there, so it was a continuation, rather than a break in direction.)

  • English Settlement - XTC (Double album that could have been single album if each song weren't so long and repetetive. I say nay! Not a white album. Also no less slick than its predecessors.)

  • Sign o' the Times - Prince (I think yes, but don't know it that well.)


Hold On to Harvest

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Back in 2003, The Billy Dechand Band played a special show to celebrate our new CD, Hold On, at the Carrboro ArtsCenter. For the first set, we played songs from the new album, and other Billy hits. In the spirit of The Last Waltz, we had several guests join us for our second set. We played Neil Young's Harvest in its entirety, in sequence. With the variety of talent and styles, many of the arrangments were substantially different from the originals. As it should be.
Here is the complete show.